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July 11, 2020

Austin Lyft Accident Lawyer

Have you suffered injuries while riding in a Lyft? If so, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Contact a Lyft accident attorney in Austin to determine who’s responsible for your wreck and to take the proper steps to recover compensation.

Lyft is a rideshare service that’s become popular in urban areas like Austin. With its convenient app feature, Lyft makes it easy to call a driver wherever you are and get to your destination without having to worry about finding parking or staying sober. What many Lyft users don’t consider when using the service, however, is that Lyft drivers can get into collisions as easily as other drivers.

If you’ve been injured in an Austin Lyft accident, you can sue the responsible party and obtain a settlement for any damages you’ve suffered. An Austin Lyft accident lawyer from Crain Brogdon Rogers, L.L.P. will work hard to maximize your claim by proving liability in court. Recovery after a car accident can be physically and emotionally exhausting, and we hope closure will make the healing process easier.

Understanding Why Lyft Accidents Occur in Austin

It can be hard as the passenger in a Lyft to know why your accident in Austin occurred. It’s likely that you were sitting in the backseat when the wreck took place and you weren’t paying close attention to the road. Understandably, you trusted your driver to stay aware of their surroundings. Your Lyft accident lawyer in Austin can investigate your case and identify who’s responsible for your wreck.

Although Lyft accidents can occur for many of the same reasons that typical car accidents do, a Lyft driver may speed more often, get distracted behind the wheel, or get drowsy while driving because of the demands of their job.

What Liability Coverage Does Lyft Provide?

Thankfully, Lyft provides extensive liability coverage for both Lyft drivers and passengers. Lyft drivers need to have their own car insurance when they aren’t using the rideshare service, but when the app is in use and they’re driving to pick up a passenger, Lyft provides $50,000 per person in bodily injury coverage, $100,000 per accident in bodily injury coverage, and $25,000 in property damage coverage.

When a Lyft driver has a passenger in the vehicle, Lyft’s coverage extends to $1 million per accident. Lyft explains that its coverage kicks in regardless of whether the Lyft driver is at fault for the accident. However, as a passenger, you may still have trouble obtaining full coverage for your damages, so it’s important to speak to an Austin Lyft accident attorney about your case. 

Contact an Austin Lyft Accident Attorney

The attorneys at Crain Brogdon Rogers, L.L.P. have experience handling car accident cases of all kinds. Our goal is to help our clients recover as quickly as possible without financial stress holding them back. If you’re ready to discuss your case in greater detail with an Austin Lyft accident lawyer, fill out the contact form below or call 214-522-9404 to schedule your confidential consultation.