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July 15, 2020

How Long After a Demand Letter Does a Settlement Take?

Are you looking into the personal injury claim process, or have you already filed a claim? Either way, you are probably wondering how long after a demand letter does a settlement take? Every case is different, and that means there’s not one specific timeline for how long your case will take.

However, here’s some information to give you a general idea of the personal injury claim time frame in Dallas.

What Affects Your Claim’s Processing Time?

Most personal injury claims will take between a few months and a year to complete. These are cases that are fairly simple, with only one injured party and one at-fault party. If your medical treatment has been completed, you can also expect your case to fall somewhere within this time frame.

However, if your case is complex, such as when there are multiple injured parties or more than one at-fault party, or if you have ongoing medical treatment, your case could take longer than a year.

Below is a list of reasons that your settlement could take longer to complete than the average injury settlement:

There are many reasons that a settlement can take longer to complete than you’d expect. The best way to increase your chances of a fast turnaround is to ensure that you’ve done everything you can to expedite the process.

For instance, make sure you include every bit of evidence you have. You don’t want to give the insurer a reason to drag out the process. Make sure that you have completed all paperwork accurately. Paperwork issues could delay the process. Make sure that you have fairly calculated your damages. Overstating your damages could mean a denial by the insurance company.

Get in Contact with a Personal Injury Lawyer

Now you at least have a sense of how long after a demand letter a settlement will take. To learn more about the time frame of your case, contact an injury lawyer. Your attorney can analyze your claim to give you a better estimate of the time frame you can expect.

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