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July 12, 2020

Why Do I Need a Dallas Personal Injury Lawyer?

After someone injures you, recovery can be tough. You’re facing serious injuries, you’re in pain, and the bills just keep coming. You’re thinking about fighting back for the compensation you’re owed, but you’re also wondering, “Why do I need a Dallas personal injury lawyer?”

A personal injury attorney in Dallas can help you through one of the more difficult experiences of your life. An accident is difficult, especially when someone else is at fault. So, rather than handle it alone, let the lawyers at Crain Brogdon Rogers, L.L.P. help. Our attorneys understand how confusing and painful a Texas injury claim can be, so we’ll fight back for your recovery.  

You Need Answers to Your Legal Questions

When you’re injured in Dallas, you’ll first need to understand the legal aspects of your claim. Understanding the laws around your Texas injury claim can help you build your claim and defend yourself as the other party tries to deny responsibility or simply avoid paying.

For example, if some time has passed since you filed, you might be nearing the statute of limitations, which is the time limit for your injury claim. In Texas, you’ll have two years to file. If you don’t act within that time, your claim will be dismissed, and you’ll be barred from recovery.

Remember that they may try to place the blame on you as well. If you’re found partially at fault for your accident, you may only receive part of the compensation you deserve. For example, you might have slipped and fallen, but you also said that you were texting at the time and partly responsible. You might be found 20 percent at fault for your injuries, leaving you with only 80 percent of your compensation.

You Need Support and Defense after an Injury

Dealing with a personal injury claim can also be difficult and draining. Not only are you deciphering rules and regulations that you’re likely not familiar with, but you’re also dealing with your severe injuries that can make it tough to recover.

For example, you might be facing severe cognitive issues after a head injury. Because of your brain injury, you’re struggling to remember, communicate, or concentrate, and that can affect your injury claim. As such, it’s best to trust your Dallas injury lawyer and let them help you get the full compensation you deserve from your claim.  

Seek Out a Dallas Personal Injury Attorney

When you’re injured by someone else’s negligence, your recovery is important. Unfortunately, your recovery can also be difficult when you’re also dealing with your injuries and your claim.

So, why do you need a Dallas personal injury lawyer? You’re suffering because of your claim, and legal guidance can help you. Instead of fighting back alone, seek out the help of a lawyer from Crain Brogdon Rogers, L.L.P.. Our attorneys understand how difficult it can be to overcome your injuries, and we can help you fight back when you’re struggling to get your compensation.

When you’re ready to begin, get started with a free consultation. Our attorneys are ready to give you the help you need when you’re struggling with an injury. To begin, reach out by calling 214-522-9404 or by filling out the following online form.