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July 11, 2020

Fort Worth Taxi Accident Lawyer

Have you suffered injuries as a taxi passenger? If so, you may have grounds for a lawsuit. Contact a taxi accident attorney in Fort Worth to determine who’s liable for your injuries and take legal action against the at-fault party.

Rideshare companies have become more prevalent than taxi companies over the years, but many people still use taxis as a convenient form of transportation in large cities such as Fort Worth. When riding in a taxi, you don’t expect to be involved in an accident, but taxis have the same likelihood of collisions as any other vehicle on the road. In fact, their chance of collision may be higher.

If you’ve been injured in a Fort Worth taxi accident, you can recover compensation for your damages by filing a personal injury claim. A Fort Worth taxi accident lawyer from Crain Brogdon Rogers, L.L.P. will investigate your case and determine who’s at fault for your injuries by using evidence. Hopefully, you can walk away from your claim feeling like justice has been served. 

Causes of Taxi Accidents in Fort Worth

Taxi accidents in Fort Worth occur for the same reasons as car accidents, yet taxis may get in more wrecks because they’re on the road more often. Taxi drivers may speed to increase rider satisfaction. Taxi drivers may also practice other forms of negligence that cause wrecks such as improperly changing lanes, driving under the influence, or texting while driving.

Other drivers on the road can collide with taxis because of their negligent actions, as well. Sometimes, a government entity or manufacturer defect may lead to a taxi accident. Your taxi accident lawyer in Fort Worth can help you figure out who or what caused your wreck. 

Determining Who’s at Fault for Your Fort Worth Taxi Wreck

Your Fort Worth attorney will gather evidence such as photographs, video footage, and witness testimonies to determine who’s at fault in your taxi wreck. If your taxi driver caused the wreck, you can sue the driver or the taxi company that employs the driver. If the driver that collided with your taxi caused your wreck, you can sue them for damages.

As long as you can prove who was negligent in your wreck and your medical records show that their negligence caused your injuries, then you can recover a settlement for all the damages you suffered. Your settlement can include both economic and non-economic damages for your financial losses and ways in which the accident has affected your overall lifestyle. 

Consult a Fort Worth Taxi Accident Attorney

Getting the most out of your taxi accident claim will be easier with an experienced attorney by your side. At Crain Brogdon Rogers, L.L.P., we’ll negotiate for you and do our best to secure the outcome you deserve in court. To speak with a Fort Worth taxi accident lawyer from our team, fill out the contact form below or call 214-522-9404 to schedule a confidential consultation.